Curriculum Vitae:
  • Born 1963 in Karl-Marx-Stadt, Sachsen
  • 1972-1982: Member of an ornithologist working partnership; later a group leader
  • 1978-1988: Member of an ornithologist professional group (Karl-Marx-Stadt)
  • 1984-1989: Student at the Weimar College of Architecture and Civil Engineering
  • Since 1989: actively involved in ornithologist documentary photography
  • From 1990 on: carried out photography trips to various remote areas – Australia, New Zealand, Alaska, Nepal, Tibet, Rwanda, Japan, Svalbard, etc.)
  • Since 1990: nature conservation officer in Northwestern Pomerania
  • 1997: led a bird banding workshop at the Hiddensee bird observatory and became the official bird banding and sea eagle coordinator, commissioned by the state for the areas of Northwestern Pomerania, Stralsund and Rügen
  • Since 2003: experience with digital photography, including the use of various Canon cameras and lenses
  • Since 2010: member of the regional group of the German Society for Animal Photography (GDT)
  • Since 2017 freelance nature- and travel photographer
  • Since Nov. 2017 leader regionalgroup M./V. of Gesellschaft Deutscher Tierfotografen e.V.
    Contribution in films:
  • 2003 : “Der Darß – Küste der Kraniche” von Christoph Hauschild / NDR
  • 2011 : “Musketiere des Königs – Seeadler” – Im Land der Seeadler von Christoph Hauschild /NDR
  • 2014 : “MareTV Usedom – Seeadler, Sonne und Strand”
  • 2015 : “Anna und die wilden Tiere – Wo der Seeadler fliegt” ARD/KIKA
  • 2017 : “Der Seeadler-Fotograf aus Klockenhagen” / NDR- Nordtour
    (Der Seeadler-Fotograf aus Klockenhagen)